About Evoke Development

Evoke Development works with companies to develop workplace competence and accuracy.

Founded in 2005, Evoke Development focuses on providing customized workshops, instructional design services, and performance improvement/organizational development consultation to companies throughout the United States and Canada. Evoke Development’s team prides itself in its diverse range of work experiences and academic backgrounds. Its consultants are successful at bridging the theoretical and practical gap by drawing upon their skills in a variety of industries.

  • Financial Services
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Nonprofit
  • Government

Evoke Development has had the honor of serving a wonderful group of clients ranging from independent contractors to multi-billion dollar organizations. Over the years, we have worked with professionals at all levels to improve performance, productivity, engagement, and self-awareness.

Our Mission

To help businesses develop their people by:

  • Improving on-the-job accuracy,
  • Building job competence, and
  • Increasing self-awareness.

Our Values

  • Every person is unique and can provide valuable insight to a problem or situation based on indiidual experience and perspective.
  • Learning occurs when you understand and apply something you already know in a new way.
  • Lecture is the exception, not the norm - individuals must be actively involved in the learning process to ensure understanding and retention.

Our Goals

  • To provide relevant, immediately applicable, learner-focused training that is cost-effective and delivered in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • To exceed our client’s expectations by providing outstanding materials, service, and support.

Meet Evoke Development's Principals

Dr. Robin McClure
Dr. Robin McClure

Employee development/performance improvement specialist and instructional designer with 20+ years of experience in the fields of organizational, management, leadership, and team development. Extensive background in competency development, personality psychology, team building, brain compatible instruction, and facilitation. Co-founder, Evoke Development, LLC; Certified Big Five Consultant; Results Certified Coach.

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Kevin McClure
Kevin McClure

Accounting professional with 18+ years of progressive experience in general ledger accounting, auditing, and analysis in the distribution, financial services, retail, and manufacturing industries. Co-founder of Evoke Development and responsible for the Accurate Data Transfer division.

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Wally Lovely
Wally Lovely

Leadership executive with more than 30 years of experience in strategic planning, building teams, and developing people. Areas of expertise include motivation, skill development, employee engagement, military operations, and humanitarian aid. Transforms organizations by accelerating skill development, instilling ownership, and empowering employees.

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Professional Organizations

Evoke Development believes in continuous learning and sharing of information. It is our intent to provide our clients (and potential clients) with access to information that may assist them with their business.

The following are some links to organizations that support the development and improvement of individual and organizational performance.

Clients Using Our Services


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