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Research study debunks the concept of learning styles

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A recent study from the University of Virginia states that there is no scientific evidence supporting learning modalities. (Read more...)

Evolving Needs of Corporate Learning


Training isn’t just a nice to have; it is a need to have in our every changing world. This makes Training departments smile and quake at the same time. Why? Because, the old training expectations have changed. No longer are companies willing to pay for low-value, multi-day classes in which their participants leave with little more than a nice certificate. Instead, trainers and instructional designers are tasked with ensuring that the training they design and deliver focuses directly on helping employees build specific job competencies. Expectations are now that training should translate into immediate on-the-job performance improvement. (Read more...) 

Are Your Employees Ready to Learn?


Have you ever spent significant amount of time researching, developing, and designing the perfect class, only to find out it was not? Somehow, all the hours spent working with managers and subject matter experts to identify the perfect objectives, outcomes, and content still wasn’t enough.  Because, when you rolled out the class, it was not the smashing hit everyone expected. What makes matters even worse is your boss wants to know (read more) . . .

The Importance of Wrapping Up


As the amount of time allotted for training gets shorter and shorter, it seems harder and harder to fit everything in. So, consequently, trainers often eliminate reviews and wrap-ups in lieu of squeezing in one more bit of content. But, since repetition and connection are key to recollection and application, skipping the wrap-up may be a mistake.

Give learners a gift by (read more)...

The Importance of Openers


Effective training includes an opening exercise that helps the adult learner start to see the potential connection between what they already know and the information that is about to be presented. Simply asking the person (read more)...

Differences in How Adults and Children Learn


Having a three-year-old child has given me a fantastic opportunity to look at life from a fresh perspective. There is nothing more fun, at least for me, than watching a child learn something new. There is such excitement and enthusiasm surrounding learning new things, which is amply demonstrated through their sense of pride and is displayed through repetition and sharing. But, as I reflect on this, I realize that somewhere along the way, most adults have lost that sense of excitement and pride associated with learning, the desire to freely share all that they know with others, which is really unfortunate, and sad. So I decided that I would share with you some of the differences I have noticed between adults and children when it comes to learning.

Are Your Meetings Effective?


Effective meetings require planning, organizing, and sharing information with the right people at the right time. Unfortunately, many of the meetings we attend fail to follow this formula. 

Distance Learning: A Step-by-Step Guide for Trainers


Distance Learning is a system and process that connects learners with distributed learning resources. 

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