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Learn how the unique training courses we offer can save you money, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. Employees who complete accuracy training typically reduce their errors by 50% and increase their processing speed by 7%.

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All organizations use data and every employee must be able to deliver reliable and accurate data all of the time. No matter how many fail-safe systems we use (check digits, double keying, 100% verification), people still make mistakes with numbers and data. A simple transposition of two numbers can start a chain of misinformation that can take days, and sometimes months, to fix. Every error costs money and it can take a lot of time to find and correct errors. When you consider the additional cost of offending, irritating, and possibly losing a customer, the cost of errors is enormous.

Clerical errors can consume between 12% and 40% of your salary bill.

Typically, the average person’s error rate when processing data is 3%.  This calculation involves the time and effort associated with:

  • Finding the error and its source.
  • Correcting the error and chain of misinformation (often in several systems).
  • Reprinting and resending corrected information or product.
  • Restoring client confidence.

Now factor in the errors that are not found and corrected internally that impact your customers and vendors:

  • Payments or billings for the incorrect account, to the wrong person, or the incorrect address.
  • Delivery of the wrong product, to the wrong location, on the wrong date.

Why do people make mistakes?

Most errors happen in the perceptual or visual aspect of working with data. It is not a keying error – or a slip of the fingers – that makes $369.23 turn into $396.23. The problem lies in how we look at and read the data. Between our eyes and our brain, the 6 and 9 are reversed. While most people refer to data errors as “typos,” we call them “eye-pos” to underscore that these errors are not caused by incorrect fingers on the keyboard, but rather incorrect reading of the data.

Evoke Development teaches a variety of data reading techniques and helps individuals answer the question, “What should be going on in my head when I am working with data?

What makes someone accurate?

While some people seem to be "naturally" accurate or "good with numbers," accuracy is not an inborn gift (like perfect pitch). Accuracy is a trainable skill. When the Accurate Data Transfer authors set out to create this course, they asked several companies’ permission to observe and interview the employees who were the most accurate data handlers. You might think of them as "Accuracy Superstars." The authors wanted to determine whether those Superstars were naturally accurate or whether they used certain techniques that helped their accuracy. What they found was that the Superstars had a lot of techniques in common – and those fundamental techniques could be transformed into training that would help everyone to be more accurate. Accurate Data Transfer teaches those techniques and applies the skills to every kind of data and all the ways in which people work with data.  

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