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Why is understanding personality at work important?

It impacts the bottom line.

Frustrated Coworkers: Susan, Terri, and Tom have been working together for years. Although they all get along fairly well, they are frequently frustrated by each other. Susan can’t understand why Terri gets so upset over minor changes or issues and seems to rehash them for weeks. Terri can’t understand why Susan is so “matter-of-fact” and insensitive all of the time, dismissing issues almost as soon as they are identified. And, neither Susan nor Terri can understand why Tom has to question everything all of the time.

Battling Bosses: Zack and Melody manage two competing sales divisions. Zack’s group is known for providing outstanding service and Melody’s group is known for closing deals quickly. Both are constantly bad mouthing and blaming the other for problems occurring with shared accounts. Senior management is fed up with their behavior and expects them to resolve their conflicts and create an environment of mutual respect or both will be asked to step down even though they are both valuable team members.

Top Performer: Lee out-performs everyone in the department and has consistently had outstanding reviews from his manager and customers. Senior management wants to know how he does this and if he can be cloned.

It’s All About Performance

Each of these examples relates to individual and organizational performance. Understanding the dynamics associated with personality in the workplace plays a key role in how one behaves, reacts, and engages with others. Personality awareness can improve how individuals communicate, motivate, and persuade others – directly impacting your organization’s bottom line.

Evoke Development uses a variety of assessment tools to help our clients on an individual level:

  • Increase awareness of self and others.
  • Work more effectively with co-workers and customers.
  • Become more effective leaders.
  • Help target the ideal job.
  • Create individual developmental plans to optimize targeted competencies.

And, we use assessments to help our clients on an organizational level:

  • Develop trait profiles to use in the selection process that help maximize department and company performance by improving the accuracy of candidate selection.
  • Link identifying job competencies with targeted job profiles.
  • Identify traits and behaviors of team members and discuss optimal interactions (relationships) to improve individual and team performance.
  • Help managers identify different motivations and belief systems of their staff members so they can manage to the individual, not the group.

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