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WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0

Learn how the WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 uses the most widely accepted personality traits around the world to help you increase your bottom line. The WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 is based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality, which includes five personality supertraits and 23 subtraits that simply and clearly explain the work-related behaviors that all working people encounter daily in coworkers, employees, managers, and colleagues.

Dr. Pierce Howard and Jane Mitchell Howard (MBA) began developing the WorkPlace Big Five Profile in the late 1990s and launched the first version in January 2001. The instrument consists of 107 items that measure five supertraits (listed below) and 23 subtraits. All of the items were submitted and reviewed by an employment attorney to ensure that they do not violate pre-employment testing guidelines. 

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile measures these five supertraits:

  • Need for Stability The degree to which we respond to stress.
  • Extraversion The degree to which we tolerate sensory stimulation from people/situations.
  • Originality The degree to which we are open to new experiences/ new ways of doing things.
  • Accommodation The degree to which we defer to others.
  • Consolidation The degree to which we push toward goals.

Individuals completing the online questionnaire will receive a Trait Report that provides specific scores for each trait and subtrait. They will also receive a Narrator Report that provides an interpretive narrative that explains the typical meaning of scores on all 28 traits.

How can the WorkPlace Big Five Profile 4.0 be used?

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is designed for a variety of uses with people in the workforce. The questionnaire items use common workplace language that is easily understood. The workplace-oriented reports focus on performance issues. Application opportunities for these test results include: 

  • Pre-employment screening and selection
  • Job profiling
  • Validity studies
  • Career planning/Coaching
  • Executive and individual coaching
  • Team development and effectiveness
  • Succession planning
  • Competency assessment and development
  • Training classes, where a reference to personality traits is desirable, such as: Leadership Development, Sales, Communications, Conflict Resolution, Assertiveness, Customer Service, Diversity Issues, Problem-solving, Supervisor/Management Development

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