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Personality plays a huge role in an individual's on-the-job effectiveness. Evoke Development works with organizations to improve morale, engagement, and productivity by providing the following job-person fit services based on individuals' unique trait structure:

  • Developing job profiles to use for pre-employment screening and selection
  • Conducting validation studies
  • Creating succession plans
  • Offering career planning
  • Optimizing performance based on trait structure
  • Identifying and assessing competencies
  • Enhancing team development and effectiveness 

Evoke Development can help your organization:

  • Develop ideal trait profiles for targeted jobs to use as part of the selection process; helping to maximize organizational performance by improving the fit of the candidates selected.
  • Conduct validation studies for your organization to incorporate personality testing into the selection and performance processes.
  • Help your managers identify the key motivators and beliefs held by their staff members so they can better manage to the individual, not the group.
  • Identify key tasks and competencies associated with targeted jobs.
  • Coach individuals and teams on ways to develop, support, or compensate for targeted competencies.
  • Facilitate discussions to help your organization and staff learn more about the impact and importance personality has in the workplace.
  • Increase awareness of self and others to build workplace relationships based on understanding and acceptance of others.
  • Identify traits and behaviors of team members and discuss optimal interactions (relationships) to improve individual and team performance.

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