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Accurate Data Transfer

This class uses pen and paper, rather than keyboards, to emphasize the specific visual and perceptual techniques taught. Using a variety of multimedia experiences, Accurate Data Transfer focuses on the brain's perception of the information and reinforces accuracy by applying the techniques learned through a series of tasks similar to those participants see regularly on the job.

How You Will Benefit

  • Reduce transfer errors while increasing processing speed.
  • Concentrate more effectively.
  • Tune out noise and distractions at work.
  • Identify efficient grouping patterns for working with data.
  • Find appropriate systems for working with data.
  • Recognize errors in data.
  • Eliminate the errors typically made.
  • Work comfortably and accurately with long numbers.
  • Proofread all types of data including names and addresses.
  • Decipher handwritten data more accurately.
  • Listen more closely and speak more clearly when transferring verbal data.
  • Evaluate data for correctness and punctuation.
  • Remember numbers more easily.
  • Relax muscles and relieve stress through brief exercise breaks.
  • Apply new skills to on-the-job tasks immediately.

What You Will Cover:

  • Techniques for improving concentration.
  • Techniques for clustering and processing data.
  • Transferring and proofreading skills.
  • Ten common error patterns.
  • Techniques for handling names and addresses, alphanumeric data, and punctuated numbers.
  • Techniques for listening to data given verbally.

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