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Coaching for Accuracy

After supervisors and their teams have participated in the Accurate Data Transfer program, supervisors attend Coaching for Accuracy to learn how to reinforce Accurate Data Transfer techniques on the job. This workshop provides complete methodology for effective coaching.  

How You Will Benefit

Participants will:

  • Identify methods to improve employee performance.
  • Learn techniques to increase employee productivity.
  • Sustain higher levels of accuracy for the long term.
  • Maintain and enhance the skills learned in Accurate Data Transfer through ongoing emphasis on working accurately.
  • Foster an attitude of continuous improvement.
  • Learn how to engaged in championing the accuracy initiative, which is highly motivational as well as good for efficiency and productivity.
  • Practice coaching interventions and add tools on how to promote the importance of working accurately.
  • Develop an internal culture of accuracy.

What You Will Cover:

  • Solutions to resolve accuracy problem areas for entire teams as well as for specific individual team members.
  • Specific accuracy issues with individuals, through a structured coaching session.
  • Benefits that improved accuracy delivers for individuals, the team, and the organization.
  • A plan for improving accuracy levels within their team.

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