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Valuing Individuality in Teams

At some point, everyone is part of a team which, depending on your perspective, may be challenging, exciting, frustrating, and/or rewarding. Negative team experiences often occur due to limited understanding and appreciation of differences. Positive experiences occur when everyone on the team understands and values the unique contributions each member can provide.

Part I of the workshop focuses on the strengths of each individual’s behavioral traits using the WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM along with identifying communication norms for the group.

Part II continues to build on communication and team work. The class will spend time looking at the WorkPlace Big Five Profile's Human Resource OptimizationTM techniques - ways in which individuals need to compensate, support, or develop their skills based on their trait structure.

How You Will Benefit

  • Appreciate commonalities and differences of team members.
  • Identify traits that directly relate to each member's behavior and expectations including Need for Stability, Extraversion, Originality, Accommodation, and Consolidation
  • Apply strategies to improve communication among team members.
  • Identify strategies to personally optimize their performance based on their unique trait structure.
  • Determine ways to enhance team performance by capitalizing on each member's strengths.
  • Create a personalized developmental action plan.

What You Will Cover:

  • Big Five Super and Sub Traits
  • Communication styles
  • Individual competencies
  • Core competencies for your job
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