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Strategies for Results-Oriented Meetings

Meetings are expensive! Some 15 million meetings take place in corporate America everyday and can cost over $30 billion a year. It has been estimated that most business people spend approximately 25% of their time in meetings. Middle managers often spend at least two days a week in meetings, with senior managers and executive sometimes spending up to four days a week in meetings. It has been estimated that a team of six managers who meet once a week for two hours will cost about $40,000 a year just for their time spent in the meeting. Yet most employees who attend meetings consider them to be boring and a waste of time.

A meeting is effective when it achieves its objectives in a minimum amount of time to the satisfaction of the participants. Are your meetings focused on results? Are they bridges to success that move you closer to goal achievement or do they become detours and roadblocks to getting things done? Do people leave your meeting with a sense of energy, motivation, and clarity about their assigned tasks? Do your meetings productively focus on innovation, problem solving, and improvement? Do they promote teamwork and build commitment? Every team has the potential to achieve great meetings. It’s a matter of finding the right meeting design to achieve a particular purpose, facilitating productive interactions, and conducting efficient follow up.

How You Will Benefit

  • Identify characteristics of effective meetings.
  • Determine what kind of meeting is required.
  • Design an agenda to fit the meeting purpose.
  • Keep meetings focused and on track.
  • Deal with non-productive behaviors.
  • Learn how to reach consensus.
  • Review special meeting guidelines.

What You Will Cover:

  • The Meeting Process
  • Calculating the Cost of Meetings
  • Effective Meeting Basics
  • Types of Meetings
  • Ground Rules
  • Productive and Non-productive Behaviors
  • Confronting Problem Behaviors
  • Seven Gradients of Agreement
  • Alternative Meeting Formats
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