Instructional Design Services

Custom Designed Courses
Do you need company specific training materials?

Ask Evoke Development how our approach to designing customize technical, operational, interpersonal, and leadership focused materials can improve employee performance and reinforce company culture. Contact us to start building customized materials today.
Do you have employees who work remotely?

Ask Evoke Development how e-learning can help you deliver a consistent message to all of your employees regardless of where they are located. We use the Articulate 360 Suite to design interactive and engaging online materials. Contact us to schedule your e-learning project today.
Training Plans
Does your training support organizational goals and objectives?

Ask Evoke Development how designing a training plan can help your organization strategically address all of its developmental needs. Learn how a comprehensive training plan can improve communication, ensure consistency, and eliminate instructional gaps.

Organizational and Management Services

Documentation Services
Are your organizational documents out of date?

Ask Evoke Development to develop or update your organizational policies, procedures, processes, and/or best practices. Hire Evoke Development to create a comprehensive document management processes to ensure your documentation remains relevant, current, and compliant.
Are multiple departments within your organization doing the same thing?

Ask Evoke Development how identifying organizational responsibilities directly impacts the bottom line and results in increased workflow efficiencies. Partner with us to conduct a RACI Review (identify who is Responsible, who has Authority, who needs to be Consulted, and who needs to be Informed) at a departmental or organizational level. Then, use that information to update job descriptions and improve workflow processes.
Do you know what your employees are thinking?

Ask Evoke Development to gather feedback from your employees. Learn how having an outside, third-party organization, like Evoke Development, conduct cultural surveys and focus groups can provide you with company-wide trends and insights that employees are often hesitant to share with internal consultants. Then, when you are ready to shift your focus to your personal leadership effectiveness, have Evoke Development customize a 360-degree feedback program so you can glean valuable insights from your managers, direct reports, and peers.

Employee Development Services

Are you reaching your full potential?

Ask Evoke Development how coaching can help you and your employees change awareness levels and actions at work. Contact us to learn more about how coaching can develop skills, increase productivity, create opportunities for advancement, and foster a more positive work culture.
Learning Paths
Are you frustrated with how long it takes new employees to reach job proficiency?

Ask Evoke Development how learning paths can drive employees to reach proficiency on the job in the shortest possible time. Contact us to learn more about how learning paths can reduce time to competence by meaningfully sequencing learning activities, encourage self-directed learning, and provide a quick way to find information after initial training is complete.

Hiring and Selection Services

Job Profiles
Is turnover negatively impacting your employee morale, productivity levels, and revenue?

Ask Evoke Development to show how job profiles can save you time and money by helping identify the best fitting candidates for your high-turnover positions. Learn more about how developing job profiles can lower recruiting costs, increase employee satisfaction, and build higher-performing teams because they help you hire the right people for the job from day one.
Job Descriptions
Are your employees confused about job roles or responsibilities?

Ask Evoke Development to discuss how developing or updating your job descriptions can make your workforce more effective. Contact us to learn more about how job descriptions can provide clarity, be used to develop cross-training opportunities, and increase organizational bench strength because your employee roles are clearly documented.

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