Documentation Services

To enhance company and individual expectations and performance, reference material should be clearly-defined, easy-to-read, and well-organized.

Clear, concise, reader-friendly documentation helps clarify employee expectations and enhances business continuity. Have Evoke Development create or update your organizational policies, procedures, processes, and/or best practices.

Consulting Services

Learn more about how we work with your organization to identify solutions to improve your internal reporting, metrics, performance benchmarks, morale, engagement, and productivity. Ask us about our cultural survey, SWOT Analysis, RACI Analysis, and Performance Consulting Services.

Job Profiling

Turnover negatively impacts employee morale, productivity, and revenue. Recruiting and training new employees is time consuming and expensive. The Society for Human Resources Management predicts that every time a business replaces a salaried employee, it costs an average of six to nine months’ salary. Other sources predict it costs even more, possibly as high as 2x a salaried employee’s annual salary depending on the position.

Job Profiles help your organization alleviate bad hires and misfires. We will work with your HR department to design comprehensive position profiles that identifies key traits needed to ensure success and reduce turnover using the WorkPlace Big Five ProfileTM.

Leverage Evoke Development's Decades of Experience to Help Take Your Organization to the Next Level.