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November 10, 2018

How Does Accuracy Training Work?

Learn how our unique training courses can save you money, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. Employees who complete our accuracy training typically reduce their errors by 59% and increase their processing speed by 7%. Once your organization commits to accuracy training, you can expect the following within this 7-hour course: Pre-Course Assessment which measures participants’ accuracy and speed in data transfer, matching, and proofreading. Learn how to improve concentration and practice techniques for clustering and processing data. Identify barriers […]
November 2, 2018

Taking a Deeper Look at Errors

Like many companies, BTN, Inc. knew their employees were making far too many clerical errors and attempted to eradicate data entry errors at their source. Unfortunately, they made the incorrect assumption that such errors were nothing more than typos. Consequently, senior management established a quality department to find and report mistakes. Once notified that a particular employee was making errors, BTN management was mandated to send the employee to a keyboarding class to improve his/her typing skills and tell the […]
October 28, 2018

How Can Competencies Be Applied in a Work Setting?

In a work setting, competencies can be: Associated with recruitment and selection. Linked to the performance appraisal process and compensation strategy. Tied to training and development. Associated with succession planning. By linking competencies to the selection process, you can: Present a better overall depiction of the job and what it requires. Increase job-person fit by providing a profile to match needed skills with existing abilities. Eliminate individuals who are not qualified for the position from the beginning, thereby saving time […]
October 23, 2018

What Are Competencies?

Competencies are underlying characteristics that can predict a person’s behavior and performance in a variety of situations and job tasks, over time. Are there different types of competencies? There are two types of competencies: Threshold: basic-level competencies that individuals need to perform their jobs. Differentiating: competencies that separate average from above average performance. Why are competencies so important? Organizations use competencies to identify gaps between their human resource needs and their employees’ strengths and weaknesses. Success associated with competencies involves […]
October 18, 2018

Why Do People Make Mistakes?

Most errors happen in the perceptual or visual aspect of working with data. It is not a keying error – or a slip of the fingers – that makes $369.23 turn into $396.23. The problem lies in how we look at and read the data. Between our eyes and our brain, the 6 and 9 are reversed. While most people refer to data errors as “typos,” we call them “eye-pos” to underscore that these errors are not caused by incorrect […]

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