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Evoke Development provides individualized training solutions that focus on energizing and optimizing performance. We partner with organizations to engage their workforce by developing, designing, and delivering high-quality content that is immediately applicable to the job. Our training and organizational development expertise helps you optimize your workforce by building the individual competencies that matter the most.


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Building Relationships

No matter what your job, building relationships with coworkers and customers is crucial to your success. Learn skills designed to help you build trust, reliance, and commitment.

Leading Others

It is not always easy being a leader. Whether new to a leadership role or just wanting to brush up on your skills, develop critical skills to help you delegate, evaluate, and motivate your employees.


All organizations use data and every employee must be able to deliver reliable and accurate data all of the time. Learn skills that can save your organization money, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency.

Training Others

Often experts and leaders unexpectedly find themselves in a training role. Learn how to effectively design, develop, and deliver information that positively impacts others and the organization.

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