How Does Accuracy Training Work?

Taking a Deeper Look at Errors
November 2, 2018
Taking a Deeper Look at Errors
November 2, 2018

Learn how our unique training courses can save you money, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. Employees who complete our accuracy training typically reduce their errors by 59% and increase their processing speed by 7%.

Once your organization commits to accuracy training, you can expect the following within this 7-hour course:

  • Pre-Course Assessment which measures participants’ accuracy and speed in data transfer, matching, and proofreading.
  • Learn how to improve concentration and practice techniques for clustering and processing data.
  • Identify barriers to concentration.
  • Learn techniques for improving productivity.
  • Practice transferring data.
  • Apply new data reading techniques to “in-house” numbers and data.
  • Develop proofreading skills.
  • Identify individual error patterns.
  • Work with clustered data.
  • Practice checking and transferring longer numbers (up to 15 digits).
  • Practice new techniques with names and addresses, alphanumeric data, and punctuated numbers.
  • Work with names and addresses.
  • Practice listening to data given verbally.
  • Improve short-term memory and learn how to decipher handwritten data.
  • Work with punctuated data.
  • Learn how to punctuate data precisely.
  • Get decimal points right.
  • Post-Course Assessment is balanced, but not identical, to the Pre-Course Assessment and both group and individual performance is analyzed.

What Training Options Are Available?

There are three primary ways that Evoke Development delivers accuracy training.

OPTION 1 – One (or more) session(s) of Accuracy in the Workplace facilitated by Evoke Development. (7 hours over 2 consecutive mornings.)

OPTION 2 – One session of Accuracy in the Workplace facilitated by Evoke Development and a Train-the-Trainer Class for up to 5 trainers. (14 hours over 2 consecutive days.)

OPTION 3 – Add a coaching class for managers and supervisors who want to promote and support accuracy in their teams. (4 additional hours facilitated on the third day following the Accuracy in the Workplace course.)

If you don’t see an option that will work for your organization, contact us. We’ll work with you to find the best fit for your needs.

How Is Accuracy Training Reinforced?

Evoke Development offers a half-day course, called Coaching for Accuracy, which is taught after Accuracy in the Workplace. This course is for team leaders, managers, and trainers of people who process information. Accuracy in the Workplace is a prerequisite to attendees of this course because they need to be familiar with the specific Accuracy in the Workplace techniques.

Coaching for Accuracy teaches team leaders and managers to:

  • Identify and suggest solutions to resolve accuracy problem areas for entire teams as well as for specific individual team members.
  • Address specific accuracy issues with individuals, through a structured coaching session.
  • Evaluate the benefits that improved accuracy delivers for individuals, the team, and the organization.
  • Implement a plan for improving accuracy levels within their team.

What are the benefits of the Coaching for Accuracy Course?

  • The performance improvements achieved in Accuracy in the Workplace are maintained and enhanced through ongoing emphasis on working accurately. The course fosters an attitude of continuous improvement.
  • Team leaders and managers are engaged in championing the accuracy initiative, which is highly motivational as well as good for efficiency and productivity.
  • Team leaders and managers will practice coaching interventions and add tools to their toolbox on how to promote the importance of accurately working and encourage the development of an internal accuracy culture.

What is the most cost effective way to train a lot of people to be more accurate?

Evoke Development offers an Accuracy in the Workplace Train-the-Trainer workshop to organizations that have a large number of participants they want to train over time. This 7-hour session is typically offered during the afternoons following Accuracy in the Workplace. Employees who complete both Accuracy in the Workplace and Accuracy in the Workplace Train-the-Trainer are certified to teach future in-house sessions of Accuracy in the Workplace. Their average class scores and evaluations should be equivalent to those achieved by Evoke Development’s master trainers.

Accuracy in the Workplace Train-the-Trainer attendees may be professional trainers from the Training Department or supervisors and managers who would like to lead training classes. Some classroom-based training experience is preferred. Each certified trainer receives the Accuracy in the Workplace Leader’s Administration Materials that include an Instructor’s Guide and h audio and visual presentation components.

What are benefits of choosing to certify in-house trainers?

After attending Accuracy in the Workplace Train-the-Trainer, participants will be able to:

  • Present Accuracy in the Workplace in future classes.
  • Calculate accuracy and speed improvement from Pre- and Post-Course Assessments.
  • Respond to participant questions pertaining to accuracy.
  • Help participants uncover individual error patterns.
  • Coach participants who need additional help.
  • Address the organization’s accuracy issues.

Call Evoke Development to discuss the accuracy options that best fit your organization.