long-term success
Persistence or Perfect Test Scores – Which Better Predicts Long-Term Success?
April 4, 2013
Identify Your Key Strengths
Leading from the Core: Identify Your Key Strengths
May 5, 2017

Colleges and universities are finally starting to realize that there is a lot more to a student’s potential than just one’s math and language test scores. I’ve known plenty of individuals who don’t do well on standardized tests yet they always seem to thrive in life when faced with challenges. Why? Because they aren’t afraid to admit it when they don’t know something and they look at each moment as a learning experience. They are emotionally mature, persistent, resilient, and curious. All qualities that a standardize test doesn’t measure.

To learn more about the progress being made in awareness and acceptance of these noncognitive skills in the world of academia, take a few minutes to read Sally Roy’s article: Beyond the SAT: Leveraging Noncognitive Measure of Success.