Coaching Services – Improving Individual and Organizational Effectiveness

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September 23, 2018
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October 3, 2018

Coaching Services – Improving Individual and Organizational Effectiveness

Evoke Development’s goal is to help individuals and departments become as productive as they can be by focusing on developing an individual’s strengths rather than his/her weaknesses.

We teach managers to:

  • Encourage individuals to develop job competence and an occupational identity.
  • Provide guidance and support to staff members who feel overwhelmed by assigned tasks.

Imagine this scenario:

Brian is an excellent manager and strategic thinker; most of his tasks come naturally to him. However, he constantly struggles and spends an inordinate amount of time managing the budgeting process, one of his current job responsibilities.

Katrina, one of the supervisors working for Brian, is a wonderful implementer. If you give her a direction to follow, she will ensure that all of the details are handled. She also loves to work on the budget, but unfortunately, her current job description requires her to do a lot of strategic thinking, something she finds exhausting.

Brian and Katrina’s organization began working with Evoke Development. After completing the WorkPlace Big Five and consulting with the Evoke Development team, Brian and Katrina realized that by making a few adjustments to their current roles and responsibilities, they could become significantly more productive and effective.

Consequently, Brian and Katrina began to work together, restructuring their roles so that most of their time is spent working on projects that emphasize their strengths. Brian still has ownership of the budgeting process and Katrina still has ownership of the strategic planning process; however, they leverage each other’s strengths to increase the efficiency of the department.

If an individual is more committed to the job then they are challenged by the job, they will become bored. Equally so, if the demands of the job are greater than the individual’s ability or commitment, he/she will constantly worry or be anxious. Ideally, work demands equal the skills of the staff member.

Evoke Development helps you optimize staff performance by focusing on enhancing job-person fit, the point at which the growth and development of an individual meets the demands of the organization.