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Once you have completed the WorkPlace Big Five questionnaire, a whole world of information about yourself and your team is available at your fingertips – without ever having to complete another questionnaire. These reports provide an even more in-depth perspective on one’s leadership, learning, selling, and relationship styles.

Available WorkPlace Big Five Profile Reports include*:

The Trait and Narrator – Provide both a graphical analysis of an individual’s five supertraits and 23 subtraits as well as a customized narrative of those scores. Insights into scores as they relate to themes such as leadership, emotional intelligence, and values are also provided.

Trait Capacitor –  Shows an individual’s natural inclination toward select competencies. We offer 54 competencies to choose from. The Trait Capacitor’s detailed analysis and prescriptive text are powerful tools for development, job alignment, coaching, and selection.

Leader – Reveals an individual’s unique leadership profile, leadership strengths and abilities to leverage, and developmental opportunities and approaches. By analyzing an individual’s leadership style under the Big Five and other popular models, leaders and leadership development professionals have a powerful tool that fosters awareness and effective development approaches.

The Career Guider – Includes six popular career evaluation models to provide a thorough view of best fit careers and business sectors for individuals. The report identifies an individual’s likely vocational interests, areas of talent, best-fit job families, preferred work attributes and roles, as well as potential career derailers. The Career Guider also offers a career planning model and includes resources for further investigation. This unique tool is a guide for those exploring career paths and career change.

The Teamer – Analyzes WorkPlace trait scores of team members to provide a comprehensive view of team dynamics, strengths, unique contributions of team members, potential blind spots, and development opportunities. By offering a variety of lenses through which to analyze these findings, including the Big Five and other popular models, this report offers a variety of entry points to develop high performing and cohesive teams.

Consultant – Certified Consultants can use this report to get a deeper layer of interpretative information about the assessee. These insights enhance your coaching and WorkPlace assessment debriefing conversations as you work with clients to understand their behaviors in a variety of workplace contexts.

*Check with your organization to see which reports are included in your contract with Evoke Development.