Multiple Errors Lead to White House Embarrassment

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June 16, 2018
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June 20, 2018

Multiple Errors Lead to White House Embarrassment

Misspelling errors

An article was recently release regarding the White House misspelling Theresa May’s name three times ahead of her meeting with President Trump. In our class, Accuracy in the Workplace, we teach specific data handling techniques for working with names and addresses…data that many organizations work with every day. Nearly 30% of class participants say people misspell their names on documents or emails. Has your name ever been misspelled in a document or transaction? Getting someone’s name correct is not only important for getting the transaction correct, it is also a sign of respect and competency.

Click for link to news article.

In this case, someone on the White House staff (or event staff) should have done basic editing and verification since there is more than one way to spell “Theresa”. If one does not even get the British Prime Minister’s name correct, what else could be wrong? This is a good example of how a simple mistake can call into question the overall quality standards of an organization.