Customization is what it is all about. Choose the workshop format that works best for you - all sessions can be adapted to meet your needs which may range anywhere from a 2 hour session to a full 3-day workshop. Once you have selected a topic, Evoke Development will tailor it to meet your organization's specific learning needs. We believe in maximizing learning and to do this, all of our courses provide participants with practical and relevant skills and tools that can immediately be applied to the job.


All organizations use data and every employee must be able to deliver reliable and accurate data all of the time.

Building Relationships

No matter what your job, building relationships with coworkers and customers is crucial to your success. The following series of workshops are designed to help you build trust, reliance, and commitment.

Leading Others

It is not always easy being a leader. These workshops are designed to help individuals new to a leadership role or those just wanting to brush up on their skills an opportunity to visit key aspects associated with leading others.

Training Others

Often experts and leaders unexpectedly find themselves in a training role. The following workshops help individuals become more effective and confident in their new training roles.

Design a Custom Workshop

Evoke Development can customize workshops specifically for your organization. Contact us to learn more.

Do-It-Yourself Workshop Store

For businesses that desire to teach their own employees be sure to check out our workshop store. All workshop material we teach is available for purchase by workshop.

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