We teach data handling skills that can save your organization money, increase productivity, and improve operational efficiency. Employees who complete the accuracy training we offer typically reduce errors by 59% and increase their processing speed by 7%

Why Is Accuracy Important?

All organizations use data and every employee must be able to deliver reliable and accurate data all of the time. No matter how many fail-safe systems we use (check digits, double keying, 100% verification) people still make mistakes with numbers and data. A simple transposition of two numbers can start a chain of misinformation that can take days, and sometimes months, to fix.

Every error costs money and it can take a lot of time to find and correct errors. When you consider the additional cost of offending, irritating, and possibly losing a customer, the cost of errors is enormous. Let Evoke Development help you drastically reduce the number of errors made, teaching your staff techniques to get it right the first time, every time.

Test Your Accuracy: The Results Might Surprise You.

As you know, accuracy in the workplace is vital to reducing costly mistakes and wasted time. This short, 90-second quiz will grade you on your data accuracy.

How to Take the Quiz

After selecting the link below, a window will be displayed with a series of numbers, letters, and punctuation. Compare the data and if the items are the same, select the "Same" column. If they are different, select the "Different" column. Once completed, select "Submit" at the bottom of the page to view your score and the correct answers. Ready to start? Select the link below.

Choose the Accuracy Solution that best fits your organizational needs.

Learn More

Accuracy in the Workplace

A stand-alone, facilitated workshop for 16 or fewer participants that identifies error patterns and improves concentration.

Comprehensive Accuracy in the Workplace Package

A facilitated pilot session of Accuracy in the Workplace, Coaching for Managers and Supervisor to reinforce workplace accuracy, and Train-the-Trainer workshops to certify Internal Accuracy Trainers.


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November 7, 2008

Clerical Error May Be Behind Dizzying Drop in Penn Traffic Stock

Investigators are researching why the stock of the parent company of P&C Foods went almost to zero. According to a source in the article, the drop could be “a trade report error, which is a fairly common error.” Read more about the issues that developed following this suspected clerical error.
February 10, 2008

Ripple Effect of Property Tax Error

Error on tax bill causes approximately 70,000 property owners to be overcharged. This error involved three different departments and will require numerous pieces of communication with taxpayers to correct the fallout from this error ripple effect according to The San Diego Union-Tribune.
November 21, 2007

Dennis Quaid’s Twins Among Three Newborns Given Drug Overdose

Twins given 1,000 times the dosage of blood thinner. Instead of receiving 10 units per milliliter, the victims were given 10,000 units per milliliter. Additional drugs were administered to counteract the overdose of blood thinner. Want to learn more? Top 5 Indian bodybuilders who represented India in international contests side effects of deca steroid bodybuilder max hilton receive stuffed bareback at gay0day
December 14, 2005

Botched Stock Trade Cost Japan Firm $225M: Government Watchdog Rebukes Stock Exchange, Broker

A Japanese securities firm employee made an error when placing a sell order. Instead of selling 1 share at 610,000 yen, the numbers were reversed and 610,000 shares were sold for 1 yen causing mayhem in the Japanese market.  Want to read more about the cost of this error?
November 11, 2003

Mail Order Price-Listing Typo Cost Company Over $2 Million

The omission of a digit on a mail order site causes company to lose over $2 million in revenue.  Fifteen hundred units had already been sold at the drastically reduced price (19,800 yen instead of 198,000) before the error was caught.  Want to read more about the cost of this typo?