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October 10, 2018

Why Is Accuracy Important?

Sam was a department manager who was plagued by customer complaints. At least twice a day he got calls from customers who had either received the wrong product or hadn’t received their order at all and it was already a day or two late.  As a result, Sam spent a large portion of every day researching what went wrong.  What he generally found was a miskeyed address or order number. What he didn’t understand was how these errors were constantly […]
October 3, 2018

Why Is Selecting a Tool Based on the Five Factor Model Important?

The Five Factor Model (FFM) was born out of the Psychological and Academic communities. Unlike many of the other more commercially well-known instruments, the FFM is an empirical assessment that is not based on theory.  The vast computations required to develop the model could not be performed until social scientists had access to increasingly powerful computers. The first time the model was shared with the corporate world was in the early 1990’s. Jane and Pierce Howard were the first to […]
October 1, 2018

Coaching Services – Improving Individual and Organizational Effectiveness

Evoke Development’s goal is to help individuals and departments become as productive as they can be by focusing on developing an individual’s strengths rather than his/her weaknesses. We teach managers to: Encourage individuals to develop job competence and an occupational identity. Provide guidance and support to staff members who feel overwhelmed by assigned tasks. Imagine this scenario: Brian is an excellent manager and strategic thinker; most of his tasks come naturally to him. However, he constantly struggles and spends an […]
September 23, 2018

Uses of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile in Your Organization

Take a look at these workplace scenarios. Seem familiar? Frustrated Coworkers: Susan, Terri, and Tom have been working together for years. Although they all get along fairly well, they are frequently frustrated by each other. Susan can’t understand why Terri gets so upset over minor changes or issues and seems to rehash them for weeks. Terri can’t understand why Susan is so “matter-of-fact” and insensitive all of the time, dismissing issues almost as soon as they are identified. And, neither […]
September 16, 2018

Selection and Succession Planning – How Do I Find the Right Person for the Job?

Failing to get the right person in the right job often results in lost time, money, and effort. Can you relate to the following scenario? Samantha was a very loyal, service-oriented employee who, over the years, proved to be a wonderful asset to the organization. If anyone ever had a question or problem, Samantha would be the first to offer assistance. Several months ago, the call center supervisor resigned. Upper management immediately thought of Samantha as the logical candidate. After […]

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