What Is the Five Factor Model of Personality?

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What Is the Five Factor Model of Personality?

The WorkPlace Big Five Suite of Assessments uses a common language to identify and describe the individual traits that determine human behavior. The Five Factor Model is the core of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile and is considered the gold standard of personality measurement by psychologists and researchers. The WorkPlace Big Five is one of the most psychometrically valid and reliable instruments in the industry. There are thousands of scholarly articles on the five-factor model, supporting that this is a serious and well-researched model.

The dimensions of the Five Factor Model and the basis for the WorkPlace Big Five are:
• Need for Stability (N) – How a person responds to stress;
• Extraversion (E) – The degree to which a person can tolerate sensory stimulation, from both people and situations;
• Accommodation (A) – The degree to which we defer to others;
• Originality (O) – Refers to how open we are to new experiences and ways of doing things; and,
• Consolidation (C) – How we push toward goals at work.

There are personality traits which contribute to the larger dimensions above. Each of the five factors is comprised of the following:
• Need for Stability – Worry, Intensity, Interpretation, and Rebound Time
• Extraversion – Warmth, Sociability, Activity Mode, Taking Charge, Trust of Others, and Tact
• Accommodation – Other’s Needs, Agreement, Humility, and Reserve
• Originality – Imagination, Complexity, Change, and Scope
• Consolidation – Perfectionism, Organization, Drive, Concentration, and Methodicalness

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile is suitable for all human resource needs. Popular workplace applications include:
• Selection
• Building
• Project Team Identification
• Diversity Training
• Work-Job “Fit”
• Employee Engagement Research
• Leadership Development
• Succession Planning
• Career Development

Interested in more information? Evoke Development can help you identify the best uses of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile to meet your organizational needs.