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May 9, 2017

Secrets to Giving and Receiving Feedback

If you really want to help others grow and develop, learn strategies to represent your thoughts accurately without placing blame or judgement. Implement methods to increase the likelihood of receiving more effective feedback that you can use for your own development. Secrets to Giving and Receiving Feedback teaches you how to: Share feedback in a way that is conscious of a person’s actual behavior and your message Increase your awareness of other’s emotional responses Engage in feedback conversations with confidence and […]
May 9, 2017

Communicating Effectively

This workshop focuses on communicating effectively as a leader in an organization. According to the American Psychological Association, a perception gap exists between leadership and employees in regard to workplace dynamics (communication, value, etc.). This gap, on average, is 20 percentage points. Everything one does and says sets the cultural tone for the organization. Participants in the Communicating Effectively workshop will explore verbal and non-verbal communication, word choice, actions, and listening skills. They’ll learn the importance of setting clear expectations […]
May 9, 2017

Coaching and Career Development Secrets

Mentoring and coaching individuals is a critical skill to ensure bench strength for the long-term health of your team and organization. Coaching and Career Development Secrets provides: A toolbox full of approaches you can use to develop experience-based skills A roadmap for career development Tips for identifying skill gaps Compensating strategies to fill common developmental gaps Proven strategies for maximizing the impact of your team or organization
May 9, 2017

Secrets to Building Trust with Others

If you are ready to develop a more effective, cohesive work team and a more positive work environment, then Secrets to Building Trust with Others is the workshop for you! Since trust is an integral part of every interaction you have, it is critical that you know the: 17 habits that are imperative for building organizational trust 9 proven strategies to effectively bond with your team Most constructive attitudes needed to improve the quality of your life Secrets to creating […]
May 9, 2017

Proven Strategies for Developing High-Performance Teams

Are you are looking for ways to foster, facilitate, and challenge your team? Proven Strategies for Developing High-Performance Teams can help you take your team to the next level with: Team Player Survey A checklist of what the five most common types of teams need 10 key components of High Performance Teams 12 causes of team failure Activities for current and future states of the team Team Action Plan Strategies for dealing with conflict Conflict Resolution Process Team Communication Norms […]

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