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May 24, 2017
Performance Appraisals

Conducting Meaningful and Honest Performance Appraisals

Review the Performance Management Process and learn about desired outcomes for the appraisal process. Gather tools and techniques to help your employees help you by learning how to write self-evaluations. Practice structuring performance discussions. Learn about and avoid common rating errors and performance rating pitfalls. Practice feedback techniques for handling difficult situations. And, review key dates and expectations.
May 24, 2017
Results Oriented Meetings

Results Oriented Meetings

A meeting is effective when objectives are achieved in a minimum amount of time. In this workshop, Results Oriented Meetings, learn techniques to improve the outcomes of your meetings. Are your meetings focused on results? Are they bridges to success that move you closer to goal achievement or do they become detours and roadblocks to getting things done? Do people leave your meeting with a sense of energy, motivation, and clarity about their assigned tasks? Do your meetings productively focus […]
May 9, 2017
giving feedback

Giving and Receiving Feedback

This workshop, Giving and Receiving Feedback, helps leaders improve their ability to give feedback, especially in difficult situations or when dealing with conflict. It also will focus leaders on the importance of providing timely touch points to ensure quality products and services are delivered. Understanding the appropriate level of guidance and direction is key.
May 9, 2017
communicating effectively

Communicating Effectively

This workshop focuses on communicating effectively as a leader in an organization. According to the American Psychological Association, a perception gap exists between leadership and employees in regard to workplace dynamics (communication, value, etc.). This gap, on average, is 20 percentage points. Everything one does and says sets the cultural tone for the organization. Participants in the Communicating Effectively workshop will explore verbal and non-verbal communication, word choice, actions, and listening skills. They’ll learn the importance of setting clear expectations […]
May 9, 2017
career development

Coaching and Career Development

As leaders, mentoring and coaching individuals is a critical skill to ensure bench strength for the long-term health of the organization. Participants in the Coaching and Career Development workshop will review multiple approaches used in developing this experience-based skill set. Leaders will discuss the various stages of development and identify any gaps their team may have in the development process. Compensating strategies also will be discussed to address the gaps, ultimately minimizing the strategic impact to the organization.

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