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May 24, 2017
legal basics for managers

Legal Basics for Managers

Being an effective people manager means that you know what to do when problems occur and seek assistance when needed. In addition, you are also expected to have a basic understanding of employment law. Get a foundation of knowledge that can help you better manage your staff and avoid legal risks.
May 24, 2017
Interviewing Truths and Fallacies

Interviewing Truths & Fallacies

Identify the sequence and process for hiring a new employee to your department. Learn about all of the resources available to you in regard to hiring and interviewing. Feel confident you are selecting the best candidate and know how to justify your decision.
May 24, 2017
Meaningful and Honest Performance

How to Conduct a Meaningful and Honest Performance Appraisal

Review the Performance Management Process and learn about desired outcomes for the appraisal process. Gather tools and techniques to help your employees help you by learning how to write self-evaluations. Practice structuring performance discussions. Learn about and avoid common rating errors and performance rating pitfalls. Practice feedback techniques for handling difficult situations. And, review key dates and expectations.
May 24, 2017
Results Oriented Meetings

Results Oriented Meetings

Meetings are expensive! Some 15 million meetings take place in corporate America every day and can cost over $30 billion a year. It has been estimated that most business people spend approximately 25% of their time in meetings. Middle managers often spend at least two days a week in meetings, with senior managers and executive sometimes spending up to four days a week in meetings. It has been estimated that a team of six managers who meet once a week […]
May 9, 2017

Giving and Receiving Feedback

This workshop helps Leaders improve their ability to give feedback, especially in difficult situations or when dealing with conflict. It also will focus Leaders on the importance of providing timely touch points to ensure quality products and services are delivered. Understanding the appropriate level of guidance and direction is key.

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